A young pregnant woman who was “viciously” attacked in the street in High Wycombe in a row over a sexually transmitted disease, has spoken out after her attacker avoided being jailed.

Rebecca Barlow, 20, told the Bucks Free Press she was “terrified” when she was assaulted by Kimberly Barass, 29, as she left Dashwood Newsagents, in Dashwood Avenue, with her sister last September, since she was six weeks pregnant at the time.

Miss Barlow spoke about how she was pushed to the floor and kicked in the stomach by Barass, of Cater Road, Lane End, in what magistrates described as a “vicious, sustained and unprovoked” attack.

She said: “I was really scared. I was scared more for the unborn baby at the time than myself. It all happened so fast, everything was a blur.

“Someone drove her to the scene and as I came out of the shop she grabbed me from behind.

“She kicked me, I smashed my head on the ground. I had a graze on my head [as a result], I got kicked in the stomach and side, had bruises on my head, and was covered in blood and stones.”

Barass, who has four children, escaped going behind bars with magistrates giving her a nine-week sentence, suspended for 12 months, and asking her to pay £100 compensation to Miss Barlow, as well as £300 in other costs and a victim surcharge of £50, reduced from £115.

She was also slapped with a 12-month restraining order and ordered not to contact Miss Barlow “in any way or form” or ask anyone else to contact her on her behalf, with magistrates adding: “Keep away for your own benefit.”

She initially pleaded not guilty to assault by beating, but later changed her plea to guilty.

Barass’ solicitor, defending, said the circumstances of the case were “emotive”. The court heard that Barass had become angry after learning she had contracted an STD through her then partner cheating on her.

Her solicitor added that it was thought her partner was cheating on her with Miss Barlow but they could not be sure about this.

He said: “She reacted in the heat of the moment. She is someone who is not prone to violence. It was very emotive.”

Miss Barlow, who has two sons and a third on the way, added: “[Since that day] I always have someone with me to walk me to the shop or wherever I go, because I’m literally terrified to go anywhere on my own.

“When it was happening I was thinking why now, especially as I’m pregnant. It was terrifying.

“I was just shaking and was more concerned about my baby. Luckily witnesses drove past who then came forward so I’m very thankful to them for that.

“My son asked why I had a cut on my head and I just said ‘mummy bumped it’, so he kissed it better. Now he’s looking forward to having another brother.”