A hospice worker has been nominated for a prestigious award for her “outstanding and revolutionary” approach to brain tumour support.

Head of psychotherapeutic care services at South Bucks Hospice, Sharon Fairclough, has been put forward for the multidisciplinary teamwork award after establishing the Brain Tumour Support Group in 2011.

Brain tumour sufferers and their carers meet for breakfast, discussion and a variety of activities at High Wycombe-based South Bucks Hospice once a month thanks to Ms Fairclough’s work.

Organisers say that this approach to supporting brain tumour sufferers is unique as it includes professionals from a hospital, hospice, nursing, counselling and art therapy background, all of which support the patient's care from a variety of directions.

Together the team support patients as they undergo rigorous treatments and learn how to live with their diagnosis, while making the most of living in the moment.

Jo Woolf, chief executive officer of the hospice, explained that the success of the Brain Tumour Support Group has been down to Sharon's high level of professionalism and skill.

She said: “Sharon’s innovate approach acts as a cutting-edge development in brain tumour support, an approach in which leading centres throughout the country are not yet doing. “It has been my privilege to ensure that Sharon has received all the support necessary to bring this project to life.

“As a result of Sharon’s networking with other healthcare professionals, the group is widely recognised in the community and is always well attended.

“We have seen from patient satisfaction surveys that this service is delivered to a very professional standard”.

Ms Fairclough said: “I feel extremely grateful to have been nominated for the IJPN Award.

“The Brain Tumour Support Group makes a real difference to the day-to-day lives of our patients, and it would not be possible without our team of professionals and the support of our CEO.”

The International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards 2017 ceremony will be held on Friday.