A pensioner got away with almost £5,000 worth of goods from John Lewis after shoplifting a wallet, cameras, food and perfume.

Eighty-year-old man Terence Woodley, of Blackwell Road, Lane End, has been ordered to pay back thousands after admitting the shock crime spree.

Woodley first struck on October 18, 2016, stealing two digital cameras to the value of £638 from the Holmers Farm Way store.

He later returned and, between February 3 and February 26, took more electrical items, food, perfumes, decorative glass and a wallet at the value of £4,229.80.

At a recent Wycombe Magistrates’ Court hearing he indicated a guilty plea and was told to pay back more than £3,000.

Magistrates ordered he pay John Lewis £2,579.95 in compensation, a £374 fine and £115 in court costs.