With the snap General Election fast approaching the Bucks Free Press asked all candidates standing in our area what their main priorities will be for their constituency if they are elected on June 8. 

Here, the candidates in the Buckingham constituency give their reasons for standing in their own words: 

Speaker - John Bercow

For twenty years I have worked hard for local people, taking up thousands of individual problems and campaigning for numerous local causes alike. Representing the Buckingham constituency is a huge privilege.

From supporting the area’s outstanding schools to campaigning for better healthcare; from battling to protect social care for our most vulnerable citizens to arguing against HS2.

From speaking up at public meetings to rattling a tin for deserving charities, I have always been on your side.

In Westminster, I have long displayed the courage of my convictions, whatever the pressure exerted by party bosses.

Now, as Speaker, I am independent of party and completely free to fight for what is best for the Buckingham constituency. 

As Speaker, I am fortunate to receive quicker and fuller replies from Ministers than ever and to enjoy superb access to members of the Government to discuss issues of local concern.

I have increased opportunities to question the Government, as well as hosting over 1000 charity events in Speaker’s House and enabling more young people to visit and gain work experience in the House of Commons. 

As convention requires, I am standing as The Speaker Seeking Re-Election and I thank the major parties for supporting my campaign, but it is above all electors’ support that I seek. 

Based on my track record, continuing commitment and determination to improve our Parliament, I ask you to support me on 8 June so that I can continue to support you.

UKIP - Brian Mapletoft

You have a choice. In the referendum Buckingham was fairly evenly divided. 

John Bercow supported remaining in the EU despite the Speaker supposedly being above partisan politics, although Aylesbury Vale as a whole voted to leave. 

This is your opportunity to vote for a real Brexit candidate. I believe Theresa May’s party is abandoning small government and low taxation. 

She is on the side of big corporations and not small businesses that drive the economy.

I do not want government to meddle in peoples’ lives. UKIP wants freedom from bureaucracy, whether from Brussels or Westminster.

People can see through the other parties’ bidding war for more tax-and-spend. 

What these parties cannot tax they want to borrow, so burdening future generations.

I moved over to UKIP when I was disillusioned with the Cameron coalition. I regret that Theresa May’s regime is little better, merely opportunistic. 

To guarantee a true Brexit, vote UKIP. Let me be your voice in the House.

Independent - Scott Raven

As a young, energetic professional, my aim is to carry out the job of MP in its entirety. 

At the moment our MP is Speaker of the House, meaning he does not get to influence or vote on national policies. As your MP, I endeavour to be a good constituency representative as well as a national one, making sure we get a say on a national platform. 

As the only candidate who lives in the constituency I will be representing a vote for a local candidate who understands local issues. 

Despite the grand task of facing the speaker, I fiercely believe that someone had to take a stand to fight for a central ground ideology in our constituency. 

We have been lumped with the single issue parties from both the far left and far right which is inherently unfair. 

Despite not having a party, I have received huge support from people across the constituency who feel disenfranchised. In this David and Goliath battle, just because victory looks unachievable, it doesn’t mean you stand aside. 

As a 25 year old teacher and the son of an lifelong NHS nurse, I have knowledge of how our social services work first hand. 

My main policy focuses are on education, health care, and housing. 

I vow to stand up against the cuts to local schools, ensure community health care services receive the support they need to remain open, and to work towards alternative options for new housing developments. 

I understand that new houses change the dynamic of whole villages and towns and put pressure on existing infrastructure. We need to find new realistic, alternative solutions. 

Green Party - Michael Sheppard

Aylesbury Vale Green Party have selected Michael Sheppard as the Green Party candidate for the Buckingham Constituency. 

A long-standing campaigner for the environment and community issues, Michael believes that voting Green will send politicians a powerful message, which cannot be ignored.

“It is urgent that we stand up for our environment after Brexit,” he says. “In many ways Europe has championed the environment and proved to be good for the natural world and sustainability. We can’t afford to backtrack on that.”

Michael says there are many good reasons to vote Green at this election. He believes that more Green votes will strengthen the case for proportional representation and make the Green position in future elections stronger.

A resident of Bletchley, Michael has worked with MacIntyre and Age UK in Milton Keynes. 

He is well known in North Buckinghamshire and is actively involved in TransitionMK, promoting local energy solutions and locally grown food. 

He volunteers for the Milton Keynes Food Bank using his electric vehicle and helps with his local farmers’ market.

Michael regularly speaks to local schools on environmental science and climate change.