This week Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan writes exclusively to Bucks Free Press readers:

We live in a time where things are sometimes expected to happen in an instant, yet it is still very true that some achievements do take a bit longer to come to fruition.

The recent announcement that Transport for London are going to fund step-free access at Amersham Station is a case in point. For many years now, I have actively campaigned alongside our local councils, the members of the Amersham Action Group and the Chesham & District transport users group, for this funding.

It was only when this announcement was made that I realised I had lobbied three London Mayors for this improvement to take place. Like Robert the Bruce and the spider, it is important never to give up.

It is often thought that it is people with disabilities who need step-free access, but in fact many more people can benefit from it.

Before having a hip replacement, I certainly noticed that it was not only steps which could prove tricky to negotiate. Uneven pavements or flooring can also make a big difference to getting around.

As well as helping people with mobility problems, other passengers will find it helpful to have step-free access. Families with small children, toddlers and buggies will find it simpler to use the public transport system. Even travellers carrying large suitcases will be able to get around more easily.

I have always pointed out that people living in the Chesham & Amersham constituency weren’t able to vote for the London Mayor, but that the decisions made by Transport for London affect us because here we are at the end of the Metropolitan Line.

Thus, it was important to keep lobbying because people in this constituency are contributing to the network, whilst not having a vote in the Mayoral contest. A real democratic deficit.

The funding of £200 million over the next 5 years, which includes work on Amersham and five other stations, is a welcome boost for local passengers.

The step-free access for Amersham should be completed by 2020. Well done to all the campaigners who have worked so hard to achieve this decision over the years.