A mother-of-two from Chalfont St Peter is juggling two careers to help people who have suffered a set-back feel more confident.

Karin Timothy, 46, has worked as a customer service team manager for British Airways for 27 years and said she loved her job.

But this year, she decided she wanted to do more for people who wanted to feel more confident about themselves by opening her own franchise as a colour analyst and personal stylist with House of Colour.

She said: “I work around 10 days a month at British Airways...where I help clients to receive the very best in customer service.

“Similarly, I love building relationships with my House of Colour clients who I guide through a journey of colour and style.”

Ms Timothy first tested the waters as a House of Colour subcontractor in 2016 but eventually decided to buy the franchise to help Buckinghamshire residents build their confidence.

She said: “Sometimes both women and men can lose themselves, as life seems to get busier with family and work, with little time to focus on ourselves.

“Some of my clients have lost their confidence through divorce, some may have suffered a major health set-back, or just lost a bit of themselves somewhere along the way, but many are just interested in colour and style and learning how to look their very best.

“Understanding what your style personality and body architecture are, and by this I do not mean size, ensures that you are given the tools to understand how to dress to look your best.

“Meeting with a colour and personal stylist is a great confidence booster and something that I felt very passionate about.”

Ms Timothy, who left school at 16, said she was “never interested” in going to university and instead, worked her way up the corporate ladder.

She added: “I have always loved everything to do with fashion, with my love of handbags starting at the tender age of five.

“Once I’d had my colours done, I realised not only did I feel so much more confident in dressing for any occasion, but I couldn’t stop telling people about it.

“When the opportunity arose to work for House of Colour I jumped at the chance.”

Speaking about balancing her two roles, she said: “In both jobs, I work with people and in communication, both of which I am passionate about.

“Now I have two jobs I love – how lucky am I?

“One job is in a large corporation where I have worked for nearly three decades.

“In the other I make a difference – seeing my new client’s faces when they suddenly understand how different they look in their “wow” colours and when they are wearing the right style is incredibly rewarding.”