A district councillor stormed out of the meeting following the debate on the closure of a controversial footpath - saying she was “disturbed” by the vote. 

Cllr Julia Wassell gave an impassioned speech on the importance of “standing up for residents” and “challenging antisocial behaviour” and opposed the closure of the path.

After a number of councillors on the High Wycombe town committee expressed their opinions on the path, Cllr Wassell wanted to respond to their views, but chairman Tony Green said he “made it clear” that he would not allow councillors a second chance to speak. 

Cllr Wassell said: “How can we respond and have a debate on the points that have been made? There is no discussion - we are making points but we aren’t having any discussion at all. I’d like to respond to other people’s comments as they responded to mine. 

“I have got other points I would like to make.” 

In response, Cllr Green said: “You made a very long point which everyone listened to in silence. If I let you go for another turn everyone else will want to come back.” 

As the conversation became heated, Cllr Wassell hit back that it is a “very important issue” that warranted a debate. 

After the vote was held, in which 11 councillors agreed the path should be closed and six voted against, Cllr Wassell left the meeting. 

Speaking after Tuesday’s debate, she said the method of voting had left her “disturbed” by the vote to close an important right of way, adding: “Councillors have shown now that they have given up on tackling crime and anti social behaviour in the town wards.” 

The town committee does not have the authority to close the path, but a recommendation will be passed on to the full council.