Advertising banners on the front of the district council offices are a “disloyal and disrespectful” to the town, says the mayor, because they cover up the “lovely” High Wycombe crest.

Cllr Brian Pearce asked Wycombe District Council leader, Cllr Katrina Wood, if the banners that adorn the front of the offices on Queen Victoria Road could be moved so they did not cover the coat of arms.

At a full council meeting on Monday, he said: “Does the leader agree with me, that covering the swan crest in the front of this building with a banner is basically disloyal, disrespectful and an insult to the town of High Wycombe?

“I have mentioned this to colleagues at the council but they have said it has to go in the middle to look aesthetically correct. However, do you agree with me that any banners should be offset so that it does not cover the High Wycombe town logo?

“All you can see of it at the moment is the swan peering over the top of the Wycombe lotto banner.”

The latest banner – which appeared to have been taken down on Monday – was promoting the council’s district-wide lottery.

Cllr Wood said it was the first time they have received a complaint about the banners in eight years but said they could consider moving them if councillors agreed to discuss it.

She said: “Banners are temporary and used to promote our campaigns. They are rarely up for longer than six weeks and there are rest periods when there are none on display.

“We have had planning consent since 2009 to place banners at the front of the building but if councillors don’t want us to use this site we can look for somewhere else within the town but we use this site because we own it and feel that it’s a location that catches passers-by.

“It has the potential to save the council money as well because it avoids the need to pay for other sites in High Wycombe.”