A RETIRED journalist whose family said was not fed in hospital died from natural causes, an inquest found.

Alan Jones, 77, of Brackley Road, Hazlemere died on March 27, 12 days after being admitted to Wycombe Hospital, Amersham Coroner's Court heard on Wednesday.

During the inquest one of Mr Jones's daughters raised concerns about her father being malnourished' in hospital.

She said: "He was very malnourished by the time he died. He hadn't eaten from time he went into hospital to the day he died."

Dr Yoon Chia, consultant pathologist, told her this was unlikely to have contributed to his death.

A post mortem showed the heart of Mr Jones was enlarged and one of his coronary arteries was 80 per cent furred', restricting blood flow.

Acute myocardial ischaemia was given as the cause of death.

Coroner Richard Hulett said: "At the end of the day his death was from what would be called a heart attack affected with a type of stroke."