RADICAL changes to front line uniforms have been put forward by Thames Valley Police.

The new uniform – being piloted in Buckinghamshire – consists of a black shirt, combat style trousers baseball cap.

If the proposed new uniform is accepted it will replace the white shirt, tie, current trousers and helmet, driving cap or bowler for front-line operational officers.

It follows a consultation with officers in which more than 500 responded.

A force statement said a “common criticism” was the uniform is the same for men and women, leading to “compromise”.

It said no allowance was made for different sizes and “sizes took months to be delivered”.

The statement said: “On a security point, the tie can inhibit the high protective coverage of body armour. It was also pointed out that helmets are not practical when pursuing suspects.”

Ch Insp Dave Parker, project co-ordinator, said: “Policing is constantly changing and is obviously a physically demanding and sometimes dangerous job which necessitates officers having a comfortable uniform which is fit for purpose.

“The current uniform appears not to have kept pace with what officers need it to do and it is believed the new uniform will meet officers’ requirements.”

The new uniform will be trialled in Aylesbury from next month for three months and a decision will then be made on whether to roll it out across the force.