THE circus is in town – but this is unlike any other you may have seen before. Combining the latest sensor technology with theatre, opera, live music and dance, Feedback, which arrives next week at the artsdepot, north Finchley, has brought all the fun of the circus into the 21st Century.

The brainchild of Belgian-based Muziektheatre Transparant, the unusual show features the talents of musician and composer Bert Bernaerts and comic performer Rudi Galindo.

Suitable for youngsters aged six and over, Feedback is described as “a magical feast for the eyes and ears”. Music is produced on stage by the performers - or generated off stage by electronic devices controlled by the audience.

Originally commissioned by the Manchester International Festival in 2007, the show has since won the Young Audience Music Award from the European Youth and Music Organisation.

Belgian musician Bert, who began learning the trumpet aged eight and can now play the entire brass family, says the show particularly resonates with younger members of the audience.

He tells me: “When the children come on stage, Rudi and I try to make them shine, so the atmosphere is really positive and I think they feel this immediately.”

Music is also “crucial” to the show, explains Bert: “I like music, because it is an abstract, but yet very universal language that people all over the world understand.

“There’s a physical aspect as well that I really like. Playing a groove can be so compelling! It’s like dancing.”

So why should people come along to see Feedback? The answer, says Bert, is simple: “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to see how kids respond to an open invitation to be playful and to see that translated into a live music score.”

Feedback arrives on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, 3pm at artsdepot, Tally Ho, north Finchley. Details: 020 8369 5454 or