MOST Euro MPs who represent Buckinghamshire have come in the top 25 per cent of “value for money” members.

Seven out of ten Members of the European Parliament for the South East got in the top 25 per cent in the TaxPayers’ Alliance study.

Voters will go to the polls tomorrow to elect their MEPs along with all seats on Buckinghamshire County Council.

Conservative Daniel Hannan – who won internet fame with a stinging attack on Gordon Brown (see link, below) – came third out of 78.

Green Caroline Lucas was sixth with UKIP’s Nigel Farage, independent Ashley Mote and Tory Richard Ashworth 15th, 19th and 20th respectively.

Labour’s Peter Skinner came joint 75th. He was this morning unavailable for comment.

To see the full list and report click The right-leaning group’s study rated MEPs on how many questions they asked, the popularity of their internet sites, financial transparency and whether they are in the MEP pension scheme.

It gave most points according to how members voted on “key” issues which showed if MEPs were “independently-minded”.

This included votes on “gravy train reform”, schools and banking.

Mr Hannan told Bucks Free Press: “I am very pleased.

“It is at a time when lots of people are aggrieved about the amount of money they are offing up to repay for a political class that hasn’t always served them.”

Ulster MEP Jim Allister came top. Mr Hannan said: “He is an incredibly hard working guy.”

Conservative James Elles, who came joint 56th, said: "I don't think it has any particular relevance to the conduct of MEPs.

He pointed to his attendance and involvement in budgetary matters.

"I don't need recommendations from anyone about how to conduct myself as a parliamentarian," he said.

He urged people to look at seperate rankings by pressure group Open Europe (see link, below). This ranked him joint 44th.