A CHARITY faster is delighted after raising more than £13,000 to help needy people across the world.

Barbara Walmsley, 66, of High Road, Cookham, sat outside a supermarket for three days taking only water and powdered glucose to raise the money through sponsorship the 18th year she has done it.

By raising £13,230 she has achieved her highest charity total ever beating last year's amount by more than £1,000.

Barbara, who lost 4lb during the fast, said: I am amazed at the amount and delighted with the support.

The community are very good and my sponsors are very loyal.

Oxfam has compiled a list of what could be bought with the cash Barbara has raised to help people abroad.

Some £2,500 could buy water tanks that would provide 1,500 people with clean water every day.

About 17 families of eight people could benefit from emergency plastic sheeting for £2,500.

From £1,000 of Barbaras money 500 hens could be bought providing eggs and a means of earning a living for people in Honduras.

Just £830 could buy 272 medical kits for midwives in India.

And 400 textbooks could be provided for children in Mali for only £400.

The four-day fast at the end of October last year was held outside the Sainsburys supermarket in Maidenhead.

The fast was even more topical this time around as magician David Blaine was just finishing his 44-day starvation stunt suspended in a box in London.

Barbara spent a total of 32 hours without eating and stayed outside the supermarket the entire time it was open.