A GROUP of cheesemakers believe a piece of cheese lost after being launched into space could have landed in south Buckinghamshire.

The team from West Country Farmhouse sent the 300g piece of Cheddar up into the outer atmosphere on a weather balloon this morning, but lost track of it after a GPS tracking device failed.

They believe the cheese would have come down somewhere between Pewsey in Wiltshire, where it was released, and Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, and would have passed over south Bucks.

The stunt was started at 4.30am yesterday to mark the 40th anniversary of the lunar landings.

It was expected the balloon would burst on the edge of space, about 100,000 feet and float back down in its capsule with a specially made parachute.

Philip Crawford, chairman of the group, said: “It seemed appropriate we should mark the anniversary of the first moon landing with a giant leap for cheesekind.

“We will not rest however until we know if the cheese did indeed make it where no cheese has been before, so would ask the public to help us with the safe return and contact us through our website if they find it.”

To contact the group log on to www.farmhousecheesemakers.com.