MAGICIAN and entertainer Paul Daniels could be seen enjoying breakfast in a speeding bed in Buckinghamshire last week.

Along with his wife Debbie Magee, Paul joined Cancer Research fundraisers to launch the Britain's Biggest Breakfast campaign.

The bed, a four-poster, can be legally driven and is powered by a k-series Rover engine. It can sleep up to six passengers.

Behind all the fun, there was a serious health message.

Ed Yong, science information officer at Cancer Res-earch UK, said: "Because of our hectic lifestyles, many of us are eating on the go.

"But focusing on our food and eating slowly can help us to control our weight, by giving our bodies enough time to register how full we are.

"This makes us less likely to overeat."

Experts think around a third of all cancer deaths are linked to unhealthy diets, being overweight or drinking too much alcohol.

Paul Daniels said: "I'm really pleased to be supporting Britain's Biggest Breakfast. What a great excuse to get together for some good food, as well as raising funds for an important cause."

The campaign is now in its eighth year and organisers hope to raise over £225,000 for research.

Visit or call the hotline on 08701 602040