THE roundabout in Recreation Road is being removed after a health and safety inspection deemed it unsafe.

The piece of play equipment which is more than 20 years old is to be taken down and replaced in the near future with a newer model because the safety surface surrounding it has worn down so much that it is now dangerous.

Councillor Trevor Barnett, chairman of Wooburn and Bourne End's Parish Council open spaces committee, took a representative from a play equipment company to get advice on how to patch up the surface but as it was found to be irreparable the council has agreed to get the entire roundabout replaced.

Council chairman Mike Appleyard, speaking at a meeting of the council last Tuesday, said: "I think that it needs to be done."

It was also agreed to inform residents living nearby of the plans so that they are aware of the changes as they happen.

Cllr Barnett, speaking at the same meeting, said: "We have to remove it because it's a safety issue. We will get a letter to the main parties in the area by the end of the week."

The open spaces committee will also consult with residents on what type of new equipment they would like.

Councillor David Paul, speaking after last week's meeting, said: "We are hoping to consult with the users of the play equipment to see what sorts of things they might like, as and when pieces come up for replacement."

The future of the park's boat-shaped climbing frame is also hanging in the balance as the health and safety inspectors suggested that, should a child fall, they could hit their head on one of the bars.

Councillors have agreed to carry out research work on the climbing frame before its fate is decided.