MUSLIMS who are tired of the negative way in which their religion is portrayed in the media post 9/11 and 7/7 have created an evening drop-in centre.

People from all walks of life can now pop into the Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE) bookshop in the Arnison Avenue shopping parade any weekday from 7pm until 9pm to develop a better understanding of Islam Volunteers at the bookshop extended its hours into the evening to give residents the opportunity to find out more about their faith.

Zahid Jawed, a WISE volunteer, said: "The way Islam is portrayed in the media is not the way we see it.

"Often the betrayal is quite negative as the media focuses on a few things and a few people.

"But really there's a huge amount of Muslims who go about their lives as normal.

"So we want to make better community links in light of what's happened. We want to get things going as there are not many places to come to if you want to learn about Islam. Instead of having suspicions about Islam why not come in and just talk?"

Amjad Iqbal, a trustee of WISE, said: "It does get to you a bit. It does affect you.

"And this project is our reaction to that. We want to get some positive messages across to the community. We want it to be a welcoming place."

Zahid said: "Anyone can come in for any reason."

For more information visit www.wise or call 07985 352 429