NEIGHBOURS of the terror suspects arrested in High Wycombe say they are living in fear.

A great grandmother from Micklefield Road, who like many of the residents we spoke to was too scared to be named, said: "There's an awful atmosphere here now.

"The reports on the news say there are still five terror suspects on the loose and I wouldn't be surprised if they are from High Wycombe.

"That is just how it makes you feel. You find yourself looking twice at people you have known for years. Nobody is talking to anyone else because we are all scared."

Since anti-terrorist officers from the Metropolitan Police raided houses in High Wycombe last Thursday, police have spent the week searching nearby woods.

They have set up camp outside the Dolphin pub on Totteridge Lane while teams of officers search King's Wood.

Homes in Micklefield Road, Walton Drive, Plomer Green Avenue and Hepplewhite Close are still cordoned off after police swooped at around 2am last Thursday. A further arrest was made at a house in Hawthorne Road on Tuesday afternoon. The person arrested was later released without charge.

The raids were part of an anti-terror operation carried out in High Wycombe, London and Birmingham to stop an alleged plot to blow up US bound passenger planes in mid-air.

Since the story broke Totteridge and Micklefield have been awash with police and reporters from national newspapers and television. Many residents have expressed concerns about community tensions in the area after the events of the last week.

Parents said they had stopped taking their children to the park due to the high police presence.

And families living close to King's Wood, in Totteridge, are particularly alarmed by television reports claiming a possible detonating device and makeshift camp had been found close to their homes.

Police refused to comment on the reports.

Sheila Maton, 63, of Forest Way said: "It doesn't bear thinking about. We are right in the flight path here."

But Muslim leaders have urged people not to get too alarmed by the events of the last week.

Ifath Nawaz, representing mosques in Wycombe, said: "The mosque community stresses that an investigation has just commenced and is ongoing and we would urge everyone to await the outcome and not to make any judgements on individuals concerned or the Muslim community as a whole as a result of this."

One resident said some people are even worried about seeing their neighbours again after talking to national newspapers.