HOMES at the former Kingswood County First School site in Totteridge Lane have been approved by Wycombe District Council's planning committee.

The application for 41 dwellings with preserved woodland and public open space, with a new access road form Totteridge Drive- following the demolition of houses 5 and 7, was deferred for planning obligation.

It will be sited alongside the new South Bucks Hospice building which was approved last month.

Councillors, on the whole, liked the proposals although there were worries about the height of a two and a half storey flat and extra traffic on Totteridge Drive.

Planning officer Mr White said the flats were far enough back from the other homes and further than required by planning laws.

He is also said the extra traffic from 41 homes would be marginal compared to the amount of vehicles which already use Totteridge Drive.