MARRIAGE was hailed as the “greatest institution” by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at a dinner hosted by the Jewish Marriage Council (JMC) in Mill Hill.

Speaking at Hasmonean High School for Girls, in Page Street, Lord Sacks addressed almost 300 supporters of the Hendon-based charity, now in its 65th year, which provides counselling for married couples, individuals and families, a Jewish dating service and courses for engaged couples.

Lord Sacks said: ““Marriage matters very much indeed and that is really what is so important. That is why the very act of helping to mend families and prepare couples for marriage is nothing less than holy work."

He added: “Marriage is the most important institution in society. Judaism is committed to the sanctity of marriage and the JMC is therefore one of the most important institutions we have. I salute its achievements and wish it continued success.”

Judge Martyn Zeidman QC, Chairman of JMC, based in Ravenshurst Avenue, who organised the event to raise greater awareness about the charity, said: “Because all our work is done in conditions of absolute confidentiality, we can’t always explain to the wider public how important it is.

"But the JMC can support the Jewish family in many ways and we have the most experienced, professional and kind councillors who are willing and able to help."