THE final edition of shamed tabloid News of the World has been resurrected as a piece of furniture by a retired English teacher.

Sue Cook from High Wycombe used four copies of the July 10 red top to cover a bamboo seat she has called ‘Editor’s Chair Final Edition’.

Sue said: “I decided to make the chair because of all the fracas surrounding the demise of the News of the World. I thought there must have been some fun way of having a permanent record of the last edition.

“Some friends told me about a papier-mâché chair they had seen covered in comics. I thought that was the perfect way to display the newspaper with Wycombe’s history of chairs.”

Sue, who remembers as a child buying the paper for her father on a Sunday morning, was careful about where she placed stories on the chair.

She said: “Sport which is on the back page, I put on the back of the chair and I put the front page on the seat. I had to bear in mind the shape of the chair so I had to put things in a way that they didn’t get lost. “I tried to pick stories that people would recognise and relate to, so I put all the royals on it, the pin-ups, sports, scandals, the titanic, lots of events from history and the paper’s history.”

Sue has never made anything like the chair before but is hoping to use The Sun as inspiration for her next project.

She said: “It’s galvanised me into thinking what else I can do with other things. I definitely want to do something with The Sun newspaper, but not a chair that’s for sure.”

Sue is hoping to exhibit or sell ‘Editor’s Chair Final Edition.’