PLANS for an indoor golf club and sports bar would disturb neighbours and ‘encourage men to abandon their families’.

An American-style sports bar and restaurant featuring an 18-hole mini golf course and five golf simulators could be built in Castle Street.

But a number of objections have already been raised by residents in surrounding streets, with neighbours worried about increased noise and anti-social behaviour, and future fears that it could become a nightclub.

In a letter of objection written to Wycombe District Council, Corporation Street resident Wendy Millington said: “The proposed sui generis would pave the way for a potential migration to a worse case operation, such as a nightclub...

“I value the council’s efforts to improve amenities in the town centre but this development is totally at odds with the decision to develop this part of town for residential use...

“I fear this development, with its disruption on all seven days and up to midnight, will make Bankside and all nearby properties unliveable.”

Another resident, Louisa Orr, said she did not believe the sports bar would “regenerate the town centre” and highlighted the “overuse” of Castle Street and Corporation Street by taxis and buses.

She added: “The council should not be encouraging adults/fathers to abandon their families to watch sport in a venue where it can't be watched with their children.

“The council should be promoting establishments which bring families together, not tear them apart.”

The developer said it would be a "venue for the whole family" and was "exactly what High Wycombe needs". See full story later this week.