A 24-year-old woman appeared in court today (Monday) accused of selling fake designer gear online.

Chanel Lee, from High Wycombe, pleaded guilty to 13 offences under section 92 of the trademark act 1994, after she acquired the goods and added fake designer logos to them to sell them on.

It comes after a number of the goods, including 58 rings and a necklace branded with the Cartier logo, were found in her Cock Lane home and the boot of her car.

Amersham Crown Court heard she was convicted of a similar offence in the past and she said the goods that were found were from then, but the prosecution said they did not believe her.

Recorder David Mayall, presiding over the case, told Lee: “These were goods that you bought or were obtained from various sources knowing full well that they were counterfeit and you were selling them on to the public.”

He went on to say that in her interview, Lee said the goods were “hanging around from before” and that she was selling them to “mates” on Facebook.

She insisted that the goods, when they were found, were “mouldy and old”, and that the rings were rusty.

In addition to the Cartier logo, Lee added the word Chanel and the CC monogram to five bags, the Christian Dior logo to a belt, the Superdry logo to two jumpers, the Christian Louboutin logo to a pair of shoes, the Tiffany & Co. logo to a bracelet and the Rolex logo to six watches and the Louis Vuitton logo to two handbags, 14 belts and a scarf, among other designer brands.

Lee, who was not represented, said she wanted to “just get it over with” as the case had “really stressed [her] out”.

Recorder Mayall said he would adjourn the case for three weeks to give Lee time to arrange legal aid and representation for her case, telling Lee: “I don’t think you have appreciated the seriousness of this,” to which Lee, breaking down in tears, replied her hair had been falling out due to the “stress of it all” and that she was taking it seriously.

Recorder Mayall added: “It could have extremely serious consequences for you.”

She was granted unconditional bail and ordered to reappear in court on October 16.