A PARTY shop and charity store are both set to expand but a reopened clothes retailer is set to leave again as the face of Marlow's town centre continues to change.

Celebrations Party Shop in Liston Court is extending its premises, while Oxfam Books and Music is moving next door to the larger 26 High Street building.

But fashion store Benetton, also in Liston Court, has revealed it will not be able to stay at its recently reopened base beyond February.

Bennetton closed earlier this year but reopened in October under new management.

Although it was known from the outset the lease was only short term, due to planned refurbishment work at the site, spokesman Tina Taylor, said frustratingly, it is not viable at the current building.

She said: "The position is that the current site is not available for a reasonable rent, it would be higher than we are currently paying.

"Unless we can find something reasonable that will probably be the end of it for Bennetton in Marlow. It's a shame because there's definitely a market and there's been great support.

"It's been beyond our expectations, trade has been very good."

The Celebrations Party Shop, above café Choco Latte, in Liston Court, is expanding by moving into the vacant unit next door.

Aimee Hyatt, of Woodland Way, Marlow, is owner of both businesses, and said: "The party shop was something I always hoped to do and when the shop next door became vacant two weeks ago it was all very convenient."

Oxfam Books and Music was based in 26a High Street but this week opened in the larger neighbouring shop, formerly occupied by a general store for Oxfam, which moved last year.

Jo Dale, the manager, said: "We've been where we were six years and we ran out of space.

"We're the only second hand book seller in Marlow and we get some really good quality donations and repeat customers.

"I've been there for six years and I think the people who buy books from us will buy books no matter what the economy is doing.

"We certainly get a lot of donations, they don't fall off it's just incredible."

Oxfam has signed a ten year lease.