SCORES of south Bucks’ most battered and pothole ridden roads are set to benefit from a £25m cash injection starting next month as council chiefs raid the piggy bank.

The money, which includes £5m from Bucks County Council's reserve funds, normally seen as for emergencies, is being ploughed into the crumbling road network across the county in a fortnight's time.

From April, a two year £25m programme to improve the damaged surfaces is to begin.

Councillors are set to tell bosses which five roads in their own patches need the most attention immediately – and you could help draw up their lists.

Already, the council has spent £30m over the last three years on fixing potholes and resurfacing county wide but leader Martin Tett said much more is required.

He told the Free Press: "We have had about a decade of neglect on our roads, quite frankly. We are trying to catch up on that and it's a really big priority for me.

"In really tough times we're taking money out of reserves.

"We actually have relatively healthy reserves, about £34m. We're spending heavily from our reserves during this period and it's quite right we do so.

"There's no point putting money away for a rainy day and then when it rains you keep the umbrella in the cupboard. Now is the time it's raining."

Full resurfacing is the only long term solution, rather than fixing potholes individually, he said.

The roads are constantly deteriorating, with rain and freezing conditions a major factor each year, he added.

Since 2010 600 roads have been treated. During the 2012/13 programme alone 178 roads were treated.

The material used weighed the equivalent of 5,825 elephants or 285 blue whales and covers an area of 90 football pitches, officials said.

However, Cllr Tett admitted even the £55m that will have been spent once this latest cash injection is used up is nowhere near to what would be needed to fix every road.

The AA said last week that nationally councils need to spend over £10bn to repair all roads.

What roads around your area need fixing the most in your view?

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