UPDATE: 15 planned projects approved by council - read more here.

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A series of projects planned to improve High Wycombe will be discussed by councillors tonight – but how many out of these 15 ideas will be given the green light?

A new café and toilets on The Rye, changes to the town centre and important road improvements are just some of the projects being lined up to develop High Wycombe in the next three years.

Wycombe District Council will debate the plans tonight ahead of agreeing to go ahead with some, all or none of the proposals.

This comes after the High Wycombe Town Committee was asked to set out a range of prioritised projects to be funded from 15 per cent of Community Infrastructure Levy funds - which is expected to raise between £600,000 and £1 million in the next three years.

WDC cabinet members will meet in High Wycombe tonight to discuss the proposals.

Councillors have been recommended to approve the 15 projects.

Which would you like to see given the go ahead? Should any other town centre improvements be added to the list? Have your say below.