Tonight was the most bizarre viewing experience in the Baker household. A mix of excitement and sheer fear. A night filled with cheering and nervous laughter.

Between us, the four Baker Girls will be blogging to share our point of view on the events unfolding in the jungle.

Love the fact that Dad saw fit to sing ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ as his introduction to the others. Is demonstrating your singing prowess a good first impression to make?

But hey- the Baker girls got their first name check- and yes, we do watch Made In Chelsea. It’s awesome. So does Dad- and he can deny it all he likes, but he is probably a bit of a Hugo fan!

We loved the new way of going into camp, but as soon as we heard the word ‘race’ we worried a bit. Despite Dad’s obvious athletic ability (ehem), racing would never be a strong point.

He did really well though, we’re loving Ashley for encouraging him through it all. Do we think the name Buddha Belly might take off? The look on his face when he saw the other team zoom over in the helicopter was quite telling.

Clearly gutted. I think his main worry would be letting others down. I hope they all saw that he was doing his best...

When they reached their mini-camp for the first night the mood was clearly low. Only raised by Dad’s uplifting words-

Hugo: “Someone say something positive...”

Dad: “I’m positively knackered”.

They survived the night though, while the others enjoyed a night in splendour and luxury. First impressions, Brian Conley is fab. Dad will like his laid back attitude I think.

Linda too seems like a really down to earth character. So far, the only one we don’t warm to is David. A bit cocky we think, but it’s early days.

So now a member of Snake Rock, Dad and his team had to journey across the water in a boat. The inevitable was bound to occur and we watched from behind the sofa cushions like true ‘Who’ viewers.

Watching Nadine attempt to organise the crew was pretty hilarious. The gentle drifting in circles and crashing into banks. The moment when the boat started filling was classic, only improved by the ‘Titanic’ music in the background. Genius editing.

So he struggles on through the water, then no sooner does he manage to wade on foot...he stacks it! Sorry Dad. It was funny.

Mum’s comment, “I told him he should have come on a few more dog walks with me before he went!”

The other camp’s high bridge journey would not have appealed to Dad at all. Heights is not his thing. Poor Helen, I fear she may be in for a few weeks of doing trials, especially if she continues to wear mascara.

The voting public love a celeb under pressure, especially one that looks less than their best when they’re doing it!

So- he managed to avoid the first trial. We were torn. I really wanted him to do it, the others all thought this one was not for him. Maybe a good one will come along tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting him. Wow- so much support on Twitter he was even trending. I believe the # is #GoTeamBaker Night all, more tomorrow!

Lucy (daughter number 1!)