Oh Ant and Dec! I love you, but opening the show with a meanie comment. Poor Daddy B, and the ‘needing a big removal van comment’. Still, we laughed! I love the team spirit of Snake Rock, they clearly all get on and support one another. I can’t deny it was a shock to see Nadine rub ‘the Lucky Belly’ for luck! How incredibly random, I wonder how that became a camp tradition? Ahhh the classic eating trial- we were really rooting for Nadine of course- and she came good. I’m sure they were all so pleased to find they would have some different food for a change. I was impressed with the girls for eating the jungle grub- that baked spider and camel toes in particular, ugh.

We absolutely love Hugo too. I think David Haye is becoming rather unpleasant and was rather too triumphant after defeating Hugo. Competition is clearly hard-wired in him.

We are so, so, so pleased about the camps merging. I think that they all needed to start with new people to get some new energy and relationships going. We were quite surprised by the reactions of both camps to the idea of merging. I thought they would be keen to really ‘start the show’ as a united camp. It just shows how relationships form so quickly in intense situations. Although they have only been in a matter of hours, I think that Dad has already taken on the ‘Daddy’ role and was giving Helen a hug after the unsurprising news that she was facing the next trial.

We are getting a bit sad about the constant references to weight, especially on the sister show. There is more to CB than the Lucky Belly!

Lucy (daughter 1).

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