ANTHONY Weeden and Roderick Taylor (letters last week - see first link and second link ) imply that the whole case for global warming fails because wind power can’t meet all our energy needs all the time.

In the past they’ve said we’re heading for a new Ice Age. The evidence they ignore includes substantial loss of Arctic ice and recent record-high temperatures in Australia. Doubtless they will also ignore the recently drafted American National Climate Assessment (look it up on the Web).

The report, issued by a team of 240 scientists, says that global warming is already damaging the country. It uses unusually strong language in an effort to shake Republican complacency.

I daresay Mr Taylor will assign the report’s authors to Cloud-Cuckoo Land. But I’m sure most of your readers have the sense to see who the real cloud-cuckoos are.

Eric Alexander, Dovecot Road, High Wycombe