As the deadline for the Scottish vote draws nigh, what are the implications if the Scots do vote for, and get, their independence?

What are the implications for us? It is said by the yes campaign that the Scots should follow the Nordic model. So why don’t we? Well, let us go back to the old Five Kingdoms; East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex and Wales? Be about the same size as the Nordic Model. Wycombe could become a frontier town, we could trade across the border, the river Thames, with the foreigners in Wessex.

We could even do away with the German Royal family and bring back the old families. After all Alfred the Great was born in Wanating, (now Wantage, Oxfordshire) and that is just down the road. So bring back the old Kingdoms. — Anthony Mealing, High Wycombe