In reply to Mr Hayday’s letter (BFP, August 15): When I was county councillor for Booker and Cressex, I was on the planning committee. There was an application for the Waste Transfer Station at High Heavens. I was the only councillor that voted against the application.

It was then that I proposed a new junction at Booker, and not as stated some crazy money-making ridiculous Conservative idea.

My thoughts were to remove the 100-plus 40 tonne lorries off Cressex Road at John Hall Way as I am sure the residents would not appreciate the noise and pollution eight hours a day, five days a week. So please Mr Hayday, next time you pay a visit to Aylesbury, read the minutes of the planning committee before putting pen to paper. Perhaps you would not object to these lorries passing your house every day, but I’m sure the residents of Booker and Cressex do. — Alan Hill, by email