INTERESTING, but frightening reading in the BFP (24.8.1012) on the removal of lights on the C100 and other roads at a cost of £850.000. Why not leave the lights demolition to local villainy thus costing the council virtually nothing. Then probably, in some ten years hence a bright spark on the council could say “wouldn`t it be a good idea to put lights on the C100 because it is rather dangerous”.

The whole idea beggars belief. We know money has to be saved wherever possible – so why not save money by turning off every other light on parts of the motorway?

Turning some of the lights off on the C100 has already put many people off using this road at night. Has this given the council a false sense of security or is this their plan, or is it what is good for some people must be good for everyone?

Lastly, why were the lights put there in the first place.

“SAFETY” on all counts.

Pauline Kay, Goodwood Rise, Marlow Bottom