The huge amount of snowfall has not only had a dramatic affect on the whole nation in terms of disrupting transport and closing schools, but has affected people on a much more local basis as well. I spoke to Katherine Ashby who was set to take part in a sailing competition on the weekend of the snowfall was bitterly disappointed that it was cancelled. She said"I was quite upset to find that the snow had caused our race to be cancelled as I had been looking forward to it for a long time." Due to the snow freezing the water, many young sailors were disappointed to see the cancellation. However, it wasn't just sport that was affected by the snow-many musicians had their final rehearsal cancelled on the Friday due to the heavy snowstorms before Music Centre's big concert on the Sunday. The weekend was spent in anxious wait to find out whether the show at the Wycombe Swan would still go ahead. Fortunately the roads had been cleared enough by then so everything went ahead as planned. "I was really happy that the concert wasn't postponed, otherwise all of our hard work would have been wasted" said Lainey Wilkinson who was one of the many people who took part in the event. Thankfully, the snow has cleared now so all events can go ahead as planned and no more disruption will be caused.