A Roald Dahl-inspired dining hall was opened earlier this month at a primary school in Prestwood.

The colourful design for the £158,000 building - ‘Little Hall’ - at Prestwood Infant School was inspired by Dahl’s classic novel, Fantastic Mr Fox.

Dahl is believed to have taken inspiration for the character of Mrs Trunchbull, villain in his story Matilda, from a former head teacher of the school.

The acclaimed author lived in Great Missenden for 36 years and the town now boasts a museum in his honour.

Head teacher Nicola Raher said: "We are absolutely delighted with our new Little Hall.

“There was much excitement amongst the children on the first day of term when they learnt they were going to have their lunch in the new building.

“The atmosphere was amazing, and having children in the building made it really come alive.

“The Little Hall is exactly as I wanted, a fun building that was unique and had the wow factor."

Architects firm De Rosse Sa designed the building alongside the book’s theme of a little underground village.

Little Hall, which can provide hot meal for up to 96 pupils, contains several references to the novel including toilets painted to depict a fox’s den, a berry bush and Mr Fox’s tail hanging from the wall.

Each class of pupils is named after an animal and matched with a window or doorway, to signify their part in the 'underground village.'

The building will also be available to be rented as a community facility in order to generate revenue for the school.

Max de Rosee, Director of De Rosee Sa, said: “It has been incredibly rewarding for us as architects to see the delight on the pupil's faces.

“Design has great potential to inspire and it is our job as architects to push that agenda.

“We wanted to give the children something really special. Now they can refer to Roald Dahl when describing their school.”

More information on the design project can be found on the website deroseesa.com.

Prestwood Junior School teaches pupils from year three to six. For further information about the school call at 01494 863687 or by email at office@prestwood-jun.bucks.sch.uk.