A “gossip war” over a bull terrier barred from a Chilterns pub last week has led its owner to speak out over what she feels is discrimination towards her animal.

An English Bull Terrier was banned from The Chequers Tree in High Street last week, after manager Angie Rogers claimed the dog was “not family-friendly”.

The manager said that the dog, Ralph, had previously bitten another dog in the pub when it was called The Chequers Inn, before it reacted aggressively to a different dog during an incident last week.

But owner, Vanessa Donahue who has been going to the pub with her husband Mark for ten years, said “hearsay” and “gossip” is to blame for the treatment of her animal, who she says does not pose a threat to children or other animals as claimed.

She said: “Ralph is a good dog. He is fantastic with children and people love him.

“The first incident was out of context. In the second incident there was no biting but he went for a black Labrador and he growled. He can be a bit funny with other dogs but that is it.

“He is not a danger to children and he is not a danger to other dogs – especially as we do not let him off the lead.

“We are responsible dog owners. We are not the sort of people to let our dog attack other dogs. The manager made a wrong judgement called based on hearsay – it’s causing a gossip war in the town.”

In the Republic of Ireland, English Bull Terriers are one of 11 restricted breeds which are required by law to wear a muzzle in public places under the Control of Dogs Act 1986.

In the UK, no such requirement is in place but the magistrate’s court can order that a dog be muzzled if it considers that it has been out of control or has acted dangerously.

Last week, claims that the pub was discriminating against the specific breed were dismissed by management.

Ms Rogers reiterated while they welcome well-behaved dogs, any animal that is not friendly will not be allowed into the building.

The Chequers Tree reopened on March 3 after a six-figure investment, believed to be in the region of £300,000.