Leaking bin lorries have strewn “disgusting” pools of waste sludge around a south Bucks village and in roads near its primary school, residents say.

Farmer Neal Mcintosh told the BFP that council contractors have spread foul-smelling waste around Walnut Tree Lane in Longwick and have emptied out a large portion of it near the entrance to his farm.

He says it is not the first time trucks have leaked their contents onto the roads in the village, but that this week’s collection is the worst yet.

The council said it has launched an investigation into the spillage.

Mr Mcintosh said: “They’re leaking effluent around the village. There is a lot of it and it has happened before.

"It leaves a nasty trail which stains the tarmac and now they’ve emptied it out jhere and there’s puddles of it, it’s disgusting. It’s the first time it’s happened to this extent.

“People walking by are turning around and going back. The school is around there and it’s not far from our farm.

“From our point of view, we move sheep down there and we can’t do it at the moment, it’s a real health hazard and the smell is foul.”

Mr Mackintosh says the leakage is in the form of pools of sludge and that the culprit is from a Wycombe District Council bin collection, operated by contractor Serco.

He believes it comes from decomposing garden waste, and has been told by the waste team at Wycombe District Council that the mess will be cleared up.

Wycombe District Council spokesman Simon Farr said: "The Joint Waste Team is currently on site and the spillage will be cleared up this afternoon.

"An investigation is also underway. We apologise to anyone affected or inconvenienced by this spillage."

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