Princes Risborough School is celebrating big improvements in core GCSE subjects this year, with big rises in English and maths despite falling grades nationwide.

There was a nine per cent improvement in pass rates in English at 73 per cent A*-C and a six percent improvement in maths at 72 per cent.

Headteacher, Pete Rowe, said: “With changes to the way that exams are reported this year it is more complicated to make ‘like on like’ comparisons but by every metric you want to use we have improved our outcomes across the board.

“I am hugely proud of our wonderful students and their hard work and dedication. Record numbers staying on into our Sixth Form, which also got excellent results last week, is the very pleasing consequence of such cracking results.

“The staff and indeed our parents have worked so hard to support our youngsters – the ‘PRS family’ can shed a proud tear together today.”

Top results include Niamh Austin with 6A*s and 5 As, Bethany Andrews with 3A*s, 6As and 2Bs, Jake Hammond-Hooper with 3A*s, 7As and a B, Ellie O’Shaughnessy with 4A*s, 5As and a B and Dan Rawson with 4A*s and 6 As.