GARETH Ainsworth said Blues fans may not see the benefits of having so many youngsters in the team until next season.

A raft of injuries has led to Ainsworth having to blood the teenagers sooner than he would have liked - but despite a dip in the team's form, he feels the experience will be vital to their development.

Wanderers finished last night's game at Aldershot with no fewer than six teenagers on the field and Ainsworth admitted: "We're asking a lot sometimes."

He said: "You put Junior Morias at 17 years old up front thinking he might go and win the game - it's crazy. I'm chucking a 17 and an 18 year old on up front thinking, 'This is what we've got left'."

But the caretaker boss added: "It's a good experience. In a year's time these players will flourish and will have played games. Getting these minutes is not great sometimes now, but this is going to pay dividends for Wycombe.

"They'll have a dip in form and will need a break.

"I thank every one of them for what they have done."