WYCOMBE Wanderers are out to give the history boys a dose of reality tomorrow.

Bradford City made history on Tuesday night when they beat Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa in the semi-final of the League Cup, but Blues want to bring them back to earth with a bump by taking three points off them in their own backyard.

Wanderers boss Gareth Ainsworth said: “What Bradford have done for the fourth tier is amazing. They’ve really said to the rest of the leagues, ‘we’re not that far away’.

“The money [gap] is obviously huge, but on the day we’re not that far away.

“We all play football for these fairytale moments and this is one of them.

“But it doesn’t matter if they’ve gone out or stayed in. All that matters is that my lads put a performance in.”

Bradford’s players are reported to have celebrated their cup victory in a casino after the match, but Ainsworth says it’s impossible to know how Tuesday’s high will affect the players when they return to the bread and butter of the league.

He said: “You could look at it and say they’ve won so they’re going to be on a high or that they’ve put all their energy into Tuesday’.

“And if they’d lost you could say they’ll want to put it right or they’ll be on a low.

“We’ve got to put the cup out of our minds. If we can do that and focus on the league and remember we’re playing Bradford in the league, then it’s up to them how they want to approach it.

“We’ll approach it the right way. I’m not preparing for this game at all by thinking about what they did on Tuesday.

“There are reports that some of their players were playing through injuries just to play in that game so they might not even play.

“In my experience, one day I’ve been knackered after a cup game on a Tuesday and the next year I felt great afterwards.

“It’s gone either way. But team spirit will be good there and they’ll be up for it.”