MATT Bloomfield says he's hating Saturdays as he continues his battle against a long term injury he described as horrendous.

Blues' longest serving player hasn't featured for the team since August because of an injury affecting his groin and pelvis.

The frustration has doubled because nobody can give him a date of when he can expect to be fully fit - making it even harder for him to stomach matchdays as he doesn't know when he'll next be involved.

Bloomfield said: "It's been horrendous - horrible. I hate Saturdays and I hate Tuesdays. It's just a horrible time for me. I don't think people really understand what it's like to have something you love taken away from you each week.

"I enjoy watching the boys and cheering them on but it's just a reminder of what you should be doing. My wife's starting to realise not to try and ask me too many questions on a Saturday because it doesn't go down well.

"If we're losing I'd want to be out there and if we're winning I'd want to be out there. I'm glad to see the boys doing well, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather be out there with them."

Bloomfield is hopeful of playing a part before the end of the season but has to concentrate on getting fully fit first.

He said: "It's been frustrating, probably the most frustrating period of my career. It's not been easy by any stretch of the imagination but we are progressing.

"I spoke to a specialist doctor the other day who said once you get to solve this injury they are solved for good, so if there's any positives to come out of it it's that my groins should be stronger than they were before.

"I want to make sure I'm right for the long term. I've just turned 29 and I want to have a lot of years left in football, so I need to make sure I get this right and fixed once and for all and look forward to the rest of my career."

And the fans' favourite is hopeful that future will be at Adams Park, where he has now been for close to a decade.

Bloomfield said he considers himself a one club man despite playing for his boyhood team Ipswich Town at the start of his career.

He said: "I think everyone realises how much the club means to me. The longer you are at a place the more it grows on you and I consider Wycombe to be my team now as I've been here so long.

"I played for Ipswich once in the first team and it's something I'm very proud of because it was my team growing up, but I'm pretty much a one club man in my professional career.

"The people I admire are people like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher - wholehearted professionals who've spent their whole career at a club."