A CHANGE to the Wycombe Wanderers Trust's structure means Adams Park and the club's training ground won't be sold unless supporters say so.

Members voted at the Trust's AGM last week to implement a key pre-takeover objective to secure the futures of the ground and Booker training base.

Trust chairman Trevor Stroud told the Bucks Free Press: "We've had a Trust structure in place which will protect the football ground and the training ground, so 75 per cent of members have to vote to make changes if they want to sell the ground.

"That was the primary ambition when we took over the club."

But he added: "The financial situation still isn't great. We are working very hard to rectify that but we are confident we will work through it."

Meanwhile, Stroud is encouraging younger fans to play more of a role with the Wycombe Wanderers Trust.

Plans to set up a junior section of the Trust have been mothballed as not enough youngsters joined, despite overall membership numbers increasing.

But Stroud said young fans are the future and he wants new blood to play a more active role.

He said: "People are a bit reticent to join on a formal basis. We tried to introduce an under 25 section, which didn't go particularly well because we couldn't find many under 25s to get it organised.

"This is the future of the football club and the Trust. It's about younger players in the team and also younger fans. The more we can do that, the better it will be for the future.

"One of the profiles of the supporters is quite an aging support base. As a Trust we are very keen to get younger members to be involved with the football club."

Manager Gareth Ainsworth echoed his words, saying: "It would be great to get some more faces down and if word can get round we are playing some good football and striving for survival - and then some - hopefully we can get the club back its former glories.

"It'll take time but everyone can be a part of that."