SAM Wood said failure to beat Southend on Saturday was punishment for Wanderers failing to take their chances.

Blues were the better side but conspired to throw away an early lead given to them by Dean Morgan as the visitors made the most of the limited chances they created.

Wood said: "We lost the game. They didn't really go and win it, it was our own fault.

"First half I thought we were the better team and possibly second half we were the better team. They didn't create too much, we created a lot of chances."

The winger admitted he was culpable with one chance, shanking wide when unmarked, while top scorer Matt McClure was out of luck as one shot hit a defender in the face before he was denied by a superb Paul Smith save.

Wood said: "Matt's one nearly went in. It just hit the geezer, he didn't know what happened. There was my shot, which I should have done better with."

The fans' favourite said Blues' current run of form - Saturday's loss was their third in a row - isn't a cause for concern however.

He said: "It's nothing serious. We didn't play too badly today - we should have taken our chances. They took theirs and we didn't.

"We are playing alright - there's nothing to be worried about. We need to start taking our chances and kick on again. We created the chances so that's a positive."