GARETH Ainsworth admitted the Adams Park pitch didn't help Wanderers with their usual passing game.

The Blues boss refused to use the bobbly pitch as an excuse for defeat against Southend but said it didn't help his side's cause.

And he's hoping a better surface at Torquay tomorrow may be conducive to getting their passing game going.

Ainsworth said: "It's pretty bobbly and that has an effect on things, but it's the same for both teams.

"Fact is, it's out of our control with the rugby playing on it and the winter we've had. Hopefully we can win on Tuesday away from home and we don't have to be out there. Maybe we'll do better away from home."

Winger Sam Wood added: "It's the same for both teams but it was bobbly out there.

"We have to play the pitch, which we tried to do but it didn't work for us today.

"We need to adapt to it a lot quicker then the other team."