WYCOMBE Wanderers and MK Dons have both declared their home grounds unavailable for the Berks & Bucks Cup Final this season.

the May 6 date is after the official end of the season, both Football League clubs in the county have said they can’t host the match.

Instead, the game will be played at Chesham United, who will contest the final with Beaconsfield.

Beaconsfield boss James Pritchard said: “It’s a bit of a downer. I thought it would be played at MK Dons or Wycombe.

“You work hard to get to a cup final and want to play at a professional ground.

“Not many of my players have played somewhere like that so it’s a bit of a shame and you’d think that if they [Dons or Wanderers] had made the final they would have been able to host the game.

“But Chesham is a good ground and we’re there to win the cup whether we play on park pitch or wherever.”