ANDREW Allum’s world record ice swimming attempt fell flat at the weekend – because the weather was too warm.

Allum needed the water temperature to be no warmer than five deg C at the Wycobme Lido, where he was planning to swim 90 laps.

But the clement conditions meant the pool was a balmy 8.5 deg C, ruling out any world record attempt.

However, the 39-year-old did still swim the required distance, covering 3km in 43 minutes and 43 seconds.

He said: “Unfortunately the weather proved the deciding factor in the swim.

“This scattering of sunshine we have been having recently pushed the water up to 8.5 degrees, well over the five-degree maximum permitted for the record.

“It was, however, a lovely swim and I finished the 3km that was scheduled.

“My next plan is to wait for colder weather and then have another attempt at the record. Those few degrees are likely to make the swim a lot tougher.”