DESPAIRING Wanderers boss Gareth Ainsworth joked he was considering calling in an exorcist after saying he doesn’t know what more his players need to do to win a game.

Last night’s 1-0 defeat by fellow strugglers Portsmouth means Blues have only won one of their last 15 matches and haven’t picked up a win in front of their own fans since October.

An inspired goalkeeping display from Portsmouth’s Trevor Carson and a soft penalty that led to the winning goal conspired against Wanderers, who did everything but score as they were left with that sinking feeling again.

Ainsworth admitted after the game he is getting sick of saying the same things after each match, after once again being impressed at the level of performance from his players but not at the final result.

He said: “I’m so proud of the performance again – people are going to get sick of me harping on but I honestly thought the lads were different class tonight. The only thing we didn’t do was stick it in the back of the net. We had many chances – the shot count must have been double figures for us.

“First half Carson was really good for them. He tipped two onto the post, the save from Reece Styche was an awesome save – he’s kept his team in the game there.

“We did break them down, we did enough and there were a couple of incidents where on another day we get a goal. Unfortunately today we’ve come away losers but I’m probably the happier manager performance-wise because I’m happy with what I saw out there.

“People say it’s better to be a lucky manager than a good manager, but I’d prefer to be a good manager and keep the consistent performances because we’ll get results that way.”

The Wanderers chief joked demonic possession of Adams Park, rather than his side’s possession of the ball, may be the reason behind their rotten run of form on home soil.

He said: “You can’t rely on luck in this game, although I could do with a little bit now and again.

“Recovery’s going to be important to get the lads recovered, get the team spirit going, and maybe I’ll call in an exorcist to get the spell off the club because we can’t seem to get any luck at the moment.”

Ainsworth added: “I’m very proud of the fans tonight. There weren’t any mutterings, any discontent, and nerves from the fans. They have got a right to be like that at the moment because we are at the wrong end of the table. Nobody wants to be in a relegation battle but I thought they were positive tonight.

“It’s hard to be down after a performance like that. This jinx at home isn’t great. Maybe we have to keep winning away from home to get out the trouble we are in.”