WANDERERS boss Gareth Ainsworth said he feels sorry for his side's defenders, who he said are taking the flack for his side's poor form.

With one goal often being enough to separate Blues from their recent opponents, Ainsworth said the back four were unfairly being picked out for their mistakes.

And he said it's time for his forwards to make an impact and start taking the chances Wanderers have been creating.

He said: "Just sticking it in the net has been the difference. Stats can tell you a million things but the ones I care about tell us we are not far away at all. We are never getting turned over, we are only getting beaten by the solitary goal.

"I feel sorry for the defenders because they are getting highlighted as the mistake makers because there's only one goal in it. Really we should be looking at the other end and sticking it in the net more.

"We have our chances, it's about taking those chances now. That's been the difference over the last few games. We've been working on that all week to get the lads finishing better."