MATT Bloomfield said seeing Wanderers struggle at the wrong end of the table is hurting his pride.

The last few months have been as tough as Bloomfield has known things during his ten years of service at Adams Park.

But the fans' favourite has vowed to come out fighting in a bid to preserve the club's Football League status - which he feels is under threat.

He said: "Everyone knows what this club means to me. Maybe it hurts me more than anyone else because of my affiliation with the club, as much as it's my job and I care deeply about my professional pride.

"I don't like being at the wrong end of the table for number one, and I love the club and I don't want to see the club struggle either. It's a double thing for me and it's been a tough few months to process those results each week as they haven't been going for us.

"Equally I see it as a challenge and an opportunity to take it on the chin and fight back, and we have to do that. Football throws down these challenges - we have to start putting things right and we have to start on Saturday."

Asked if it was the current situation was the lowest point of his Wanderers career, the 29-year-old said: "Possibly the injuries have been, that was a tough time. This has been tough as well, to see the results go in the wrong direction.

"The club relies on good results, we have to be a Football League club and we have to start challenging back up the right end of the table. It's certainly been a tough few months and it's something I'd like to put behind us."

Despite everything Bloomfield said there is still a positive air around the squad as they face another crucial showdown against a fellow struggler tomorrow, with Accrington Stanley arriving at Adams Park.

He said: "It was a bit down at the start of the week, I'd be lying if I didn't say that. It was a bad result and it always affects the mood in the camp for a couple of days.

"We came in Tuesday and Thursday and you can tell it's been picked up and everyone is looking forward to this Saturday. We've got a chance to put things right and we have to start taking those opportunities."