BLUES boss Gareth Ainsworth said he's grateful to the club's board for sticking by him during four lean months.

Prior to beating Chesterfield on Saturday Wanderers had only won once since October 19, piling the pressure on Ainsworth as his side slid down the table after a promising start.

The Wanderers chief admitted after the game he had been on a 'nasty run' and the relief at bringing it to an end was clear for all to see as Ainsworth punched the air in delight at the three points.

But he said he'd not been under any pressure to deliver despite that run of one win in 18 League Two matches.

Ainsworth said: "Actions have spoken louder than words by not putting the pressure on, and by being there and saying how well we've performed in some games even though we've got beaten. It takes brave men to do that, to say, 'You played well, don't worry'.

"They have never put the pressure on. They have understood performances have been there. If they weren't, they would have every right to then call me in and say, 'What's going on?' Everyone's seen how well we've been playing.

"They realise Wycombe's up against it financially from where we were in days gone by. Money's been hard to come by - I'm sure they'd wish they could give me thousands and thousands and let me buy the best strikers, but they know the limitations."

Ainsworth added: "It wasn't a big surprise but it was a big relief when we beat Chesterfield.

"There have been mutterings and boos from fans but at the end of the game there was pure support, behind the team and myself.

"The players have believed in everything I've done. You need the support of the players and I've had that."