DON Woodward said he has no regrets other the premature announcement John Gorman was set to make a sensational return to Wanderers.

The Blues chairman announced at a recent Trust members meeting the popular Scot was set to come back to Adams Park in an advisory capacity to manager Gareth Ainsworth.

Gorman denied he would be taking the role but admitted he had met informally with Ainsworth.

Since then he has confirmed he has no interest in the role, according to Woodward - but the chairman said: "I'm actually glad what happened happened because he finally made his mind up. We'd been dancing round each other for quite a long time. The fact it came out the way it did forced him to say, 'Actually, no I can't'. We know, and we move on.

"We had had discussions. Gareth had been talking to him quite a lot and we asked for the commitment to go that bit further. We wanted John to be around and be on the bench.

"For whatever reason - whether it's other offers he's had, or he wasn't well enough - he decided he'd rather not get that involved. I think he's enjoying his retirement."

Woodward added it never crossed his mind to find a replacement for Ainsworth despite a run of one win in 18 matches leaving Wanderers in a precarious position at the foot of the League Two table.

He said: "I had the faith we had the squad and the leadership that can do as it's currently doing.

"If we'd been losing 2, 3, 4-0, if we'd played more games like we did against Wimbledon [where Wanderers lost 3-0] then we'd have been having very different discussions."